"Hope you're doing well! Wanted to share some updated photos of our sweet boy now that he turned 1 this week.  He's still the sweetest fluff ball and we love him to pieces.  I can't thank you enough for giving us such a wonderful baby." – Jessica D. (April 8, 2022)

Hi Karol! We just got the kitty, and she is GORGEOUS!! Paul and I think she is so pretty! Your husband, John, was very thorough with instructions, and I appreciate that a lot! And thank you too for the "goody bag" are very thoughtful! Thank you once again, especially for the beautiful kitty! We're gonna name her Ella, in remembrance of Bella. Both kitties are very special and beautiful... " – Diane D. (December 11, 2021)

"We got home and this is the sweetest, most beautiful kitty.  He is so chilled.  And has a loud purr 😻.  We are in love!  Thank you so much! ❤️😊– Debbie N. (December 11, 2021)

"...He’s already the size of an adult cat and I swear you blink and he gets bigger. He is super smart ...sweet and cuddly and full of personality. Both my boys are amazing and the best that anyone could ever have. Thank you so much again!" – Sasha A. (October 5, 2021)

"I know you hear this a lot, but the kittens you produce are really leaps and bounds above any purr-baby we have ever had. I know ragdolls are supposed to be affectionate and in tune with their owner, but this little mister is so amazing. He follows my 13 year old where ever she goes. Comes when he is called. He will come running if you are crying or upset. He really thinks he is a person. Less not talk about his eating habits. He will sit in the chair next to you during dinner and put his paw on your hand holding the fork if he thinks it's something he should be privy too. He is really just the most amazing blessing for our family. My daughter suffers from a depressive disorder and he has made such a difference in her stability and over all well being. I don't have the words to convey the overwhelming gratitude I feel towards you and the little guy you helped bring into this world. Really Mrs. Karol Thank you!!!" – Sara M. (September 29, 2021)

"You're an amazing breeder I just wanted to send a quick note on behalf of my family to compliment you on breeding such a beautiful, SWEET Ragdoll baby. We love him so much already and he is completely attached to my daughter.  I couldn’t get an appointment with the vet until today, but of course everything is fine. He is adjusting so well, eating plenty, using the litter boxes, and enjoying scratching on all his sisal point posts. I’m attaching a few pics and a 26 second video. Keep doing the wonderful, loving job you’re doing." Adrianne B. (June 8, 2021)

"You didn't send me volume control with this guy (LOL). He purrs so loudly. And all night. While he tries to sleep on your face (LOL). Our whole family is so obsessed with him. I have had a million people ask where I got him, so if you start getting a bunch of calls from Texas, it's Bleu's fault. He's too cute. Everyone's in love with him." – Andrea M.  (May 20, 2021)   

"I would just like to say my ragdoll kitten of Fancicat Farms is most amazing kitten I have owned. She is now a year old. When I took her to my vet he was very impressed with her health records and what she had been given. She was great with the vet and is the most socialized kitten I have ever had in my 40 years. She adjusted in one day, and her best bud is my peek a poo. My Ragdoll is very well mannered and easily trainable. She fits the Ragdoll description perfectly. I could not be happier. Now, on dealing with Karol, she was very thorough on questioning me and she was concerned about have dogs, but I informed her mine were all raised with cats. Plus they are all small pups. I never met Karol and she was my first contact. I'm sure there are other good breeders out there, but I love dealing with Karol... I pick up number 2 (from Karol) in June." – Tina Q.  (May 19, 2021)

"I too have one of Karol's kittens and I've been extremely happy with the purchase of my beautiful girl. She (Karol) is an ethical breeder with gorgeous babies. All of her kittens are well socialized..." – Peggy G.  (May 19, 2021)

"This has been the sweetest kitten I have ever had. Our cat has been everything Karol said and more. We even drove just over 5 hours one way to pick her up." – Cheryl V.  (May 19, 2021) 

"Just wanted to touch base and let you know that Gus (aka Yellow Boy) has stolen our hearts!! It took him about a day and a half to warm up to us but now he doesn’t let my daughter leave his sight!! He’s a sweetheart and we are soooo thankful he is ours. I may become the crazy cat lady very soon so I’m sure we will be back for another before you know it! Thanks again!! – Christi M. L. (June 11, 2020)

"Hi, I’m so in love with her! She did amazing on the flights and then the drive home. She was so calm...She is the sweetest kitten I have ever met. She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle which is what I was looking for...
Thank you so much for such a wonderful baby!"  – Desirae K. (June 9, 2020)

"I absolutely LOVE MY BABIES!! I have a female and a male, and they are both WONDERFUL pets and so beautiful! Thank you Karol!! For such sweet kitties! ...Beautiful kitties that Fancicat Farms has. I’ve got 2 and they are the talk of the town. They’re beautiful and very loving, have silky soft fur and the best temperament. ❤️😸. You won’t regret being able to get a fur baby from Karol!" – Diane D. (May 3, 2020)

"He’s a love-bug and is attached to my hip!  He goes EVERYWHERE I am!  We love him dearly, and his sister Bella just as much!  Beautiful cats!!  Everyone who visits admires them and how sweet they are! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us “adopt” 2 of your beautiful babies!  They are wonderful pets, “friends”, and family!" – Diane D. (November 15, 2019)

"Believe it or not, I am on my 7th kitten from Karol. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady and not sure I'm done yet! :-) 
His name if Apache/Pache, because of his beautiful markings which includes an eye patch. He is so adorable, playful, lovable and sweet. All of my kittens from Karol have gorgeous coats, they are laid back, sweet and get along great with each other as well as my two collies! I know It's quite a houseful, but I love it! Thanks Karol again for another exceptional kitten! – Susan S. (August 2018)
"Hello Karol. I just wanted you to know that Boone is doing awesome. He runs the house. LOL All the cats love him now and they eat together, sleep together and play together. He is not afraid of the dog either. Walks right under him like nothing. Tried to keep him in one room but he wanted nothing to do with that after 2 days. He likes to be where the action is. He loves the cat tower and when he wants to be left alone goes in there and everyone leaves him alone. He eats like a horse and drinks his water. He also uses the litter box no problem there. He does sleep with us at night in our bed and I love it. I could not have a better kitten. We love him so much. Thank you for taking such good care of him to make him so awesome till he found his forever home... you are a wonderful breeder.– Lori K. (September 2017)
"Hello! Just an update on Bella.... She's beautiful, very sweet, and a real spunky kitty! We LOVE her dearly. You know, the thing about her that is very very important--- she let's us hold her and she loves to be around us! She is such a love-bug and I am so attached to her already! Her fur is so beautiful, soft and silky! I am very thankful, for having gotten Bella from you. For one thing, she is really helping us to deal with the sadness of losing two of our precious kitties in one week, this last March. (I think I already told you) Well, it was an AWFUL THING to deal with!!!! I'm sure you can imagine! ...Anyway, Bella is beautiful, I LOVE her dearly, and I wanted you to know that. I definitely will get in touch with you when we want another kitty! They are BEAUTIFUL, inside and out!! You must be very proud of your kitties---you deserve our appreciation, and that of others who are looking for a forever fur baby!" – Diane D. (August 2017)
"Yellow Girl is such a valued part of the family. We love her so much... she sits on our kitchen table between my husband and my son's laptops, and supervises them while they work... LOL   She is beautiful... already 6 lbs. Ragdolls are the coolest breed... I had no idea, but recommend them to everyone... you are clearly a wonderful breeder, raising wonderful kittens! Thank you so much for what you do!! You have been so helpful and trustworthy!" – Lori S. (March 2017)

"Yogi Bear came to us in October. Gentle and mild & sometimes wild, like running in the Kentucky Derby, and mild like the California weather where he resides. He is the best of both worlds & we love him dearly. Thank you Karol for introducing us to our beautiful little boy. I'm glad we came across your website. 😊" – Linda S. (October 2016)

"My sister from CA was looking for a Ragdoll kitten and while visiting me, she showed me a picture of the cutest Ragdoll I had ever seen. I said to her, why haven't you bought her yet? She said she couldn't really get a kitten until she was back home in CA. So, I bought her instead! I named her Jesse and she is awesome. She has a gorgeous soft and silky coat, very sweet and playful; and she purrs all the time. I am so pleased with Karol as a breeder, that I have purchased a second kitten from her, so that Jesse would have a playmate. His name is Cash and I can't wait to get him in November. Karol is one of the nicest people to deal with and all of the litters from her cattery are just beautiful. Who knows, I may be looking at a third kitten, you never know!" – Susan S. (October 2016)

"Dark Pink girl is now SookieJane. We love her. She is bold spunky and so happy. A very social cat indeed. I still would like a male (from you)... I will look at (your) website tonight or tomorrow..." – Jennifer J., DVM (September 2016)

"I had the pleasure of encountering Karol on the internet after doing extensive research on finding a legitimate Ragdoll breeder (beware there are many Ragdoll kitty mill websites out there under different names!). After my first conversation with her, I was comfortable enough to enter into a contract to purchase one of her kittens. She is reputable, trustworthy and happy to answer questions! My kitten arrived in June, 2016 and he is absolutely beautiful. Has a fantastic temperament, was litter boxed trained upon arrival, vaccinated and knows his way around a scratching post! I HIGHLY recommend Karol if you are in the market for a Ragdoll. Everyone who meets my kitten is impressed with how plush, sweet and attentive he is -- treat yourself--I did!" – Michlie R. (July 2016)

"They're great. The little boy is a bunch of happiness. The little girl is responding to being held and loved-on very well. We love them both very much. Thank you for doing such a great job raising them. They are so playful together. I'm glad we got both of them together. They are so cute." – Dan B. (June 2016)

"He is doing absolutely amazing! His blood work came back all good, and he is eating all of the time and putting on weight. He really is the sweetest little guy. He lets the kids hold him and carry him around all day, every day. He is such a social and happy kitten. Oh... and Light Blue Boy is now Jaws ;)" – Jay F. (June 2016)

"Thank you so much... he's just so sweet, and fell asleep in my lap... clearly he has had a long trip and he's tired... I have to tell you though, he is such a mush and very sweet, thank you so much." – Michlie R. (June 2016)

"Just got back from the vet visit. Both are doing great. Babies are adorable and so much fun! They're eating well, using the litter box just fine, playing up a storm, and starting to explore a bit. They even know their names and, will cuddle and purr like crazy for a few seconds before they're off to play. Everything kittens should be. Thank you so much!" – Felicia M. (June 2016)

"Hi, this is Sunny! I love my cat. I named her Moshi, and she's taken a liking to me. Strangers don't make her scared, and she is so very sweet... we found a feline medicine oriented vet, and Moshi was so popular there! They even took her picture and posted it on Facebook. She's eating a lot nowadays. Sometimes we call her fatty Mcfat... I can't wait until Leia's litter gets born! So so excited about getting Moshi a friend." – Sunny S. (June 2016)

"Maggie   had her checkup at the vet and she looks great! She is adjusting well and following us around everywhere we go. We just love her-thank you!" – The Froehler Family (January 2016) 

"Gerty is doing great. She cuddled with Jack all night. She is eating and using the potty fine. She purrs so loudly we started calling her our little motor boat.  She is sweet and affectionate while curious and very busy in her new home. We love her. She has been playing paws with Delilah under the door though they will remain in their own quarters for at least a week so we can make the adjustment slowly and smoothly for both. Delilah does not seem upset thus far so this is great news though Gerty is anxious to meet her new sister. Gerty has really taken to Jack licking his hands and enjoying being patted. She has not been hiding or nervous which I thought might happen in fact she has been quite the opposite.  We are thrilled and she is the perfect addition to our family...  I will send you pictures and updates. Gerty is obviously from a wonderful breeder and we could not be happier." – Eileen L. (December 2015)

"We just came back from our vet who raved about little Yogi's beauty.  Everything looks healthy, he said her fur was great and he could tell she came from a quality breeder!  We could not be more pleased with her personality either, she is so adorable and loving.  She climbed in the bed and slept close to me the first and second night:).  She purrs until we both fall asleep and when I wake up in the morning, the first thing she does is purring!  She eats well and plays with all her toys.  Thanks again for having raised such a beautiful and sweet kitty.  May you and your family have a Blessed Christmas!" – Pierrette P. (December 2015)

"They (both kittens purchased from Fancicat Farms) will be loved. They are already exploring the 'cat room'. Soon  they will  be exploring the rest of the house. They are so trusting and affectionate. They took the ride very well too...  Thanks!" – Paul C. (December 2015)

"Hey Karol! I wondered when your next litter may be ready? Phoebes playmate will be leaving soon to move with my daughter in October and we would like to have a new kitty for her to bond with and love. Would love to get this kitten from you as well... I really don't trust anyone but you... I never knew I would fall in love with a particular breed of cat." – Jennifer N. (August 2015)

"Hi Karol... she is doing really well and I love her so much. She is a smart little kitten with so much personality. She is so pretty. I am so happy to have her in my life. We all love her so much. Even Roman my pom loves her. Have a great day. :)" – Demetra B. (May 2015)

"Good evening Karol... I was wondering if you could send me an update photo of Luna. I think of her often. I know Comet, my traditional blue point kitten (from Fancicat Farms) will love to have a playmate. I can't thank you enough for breeding these beautiful, loving cats. Comet has my heart, and also my soon to be husband, Ron. We just enjoy Comet so much. Comet is so entertaining and affectionate." – Theresa B. (May 2015)

"Comet, my traditional Ragdoll kitten (from Fancicat Farms), has stolen my fiancé's, Ron's, and my hearts. Ron is not a big fan of cats but he loves animals. Well Comet has changed Ron's idea of cats. He cannot get over how sociable and affectionate Comet is. Ron told me cats do not respond when you call their name. Well I proved him wrong. Ron is amazed how smart this little kitten is. I just knew Comet would prove me right. LOL! ...I interact with Comet through out the day. We have become very close. He is such a beautiful sweet kitten... Comet is more than I could imagine. I plan to take Comet on our honeymoon in Pigeon Forge June 20. I can't stand to be away from him very long. Also we plan to take him to my son's wedding in Myrtle Beach in August... To be honest I love this kitten so much. I talk to him, and he responds to me. He is my fur baby for life. Thank you for raising these beautiful cats." – Theresa B. (May 2015)
"He is so sweet, and slept almost the full trip home. He is such a good boy, and so lovable. Thank you and your husband so very much for everything." – Donna S. (April 2015) 

"Comet is home and had a busy time checking everything out. I played with him, and he finally wore out and is taking a nap. Ha! I think I could use one too from all the excitement of this weekend... By the way, Comet showed confidence with prancing around with his tail straight up in the air. He also came to me several times on his own while I sat on the couch, and he had no problem jumping up on the couch to give him attention. He is very affectionate, and what a beauty he is... I honestly feel Comet is my personal fur baby. My mother instinct has set in and I am extremely protective of him. Thank you so much for this wonderful kitty." – Theresa B. (April 2015)

"Thank you again... these two are everything we have been looking for." – Greg S. (November 2014)

"Thank you for both of them...they are wonderful. Both are following my wife around the house as we speak, now that the kids are off to bed and the house is a little quieter. When she stops in the middle of the floor so do they." – Greg S. (August 2014)

"Hi Karol. Wanted to let you know Milo is doing wonderful. His personality is perfect for us. He has really bonded with my daughter Aly and she loves him so much. I am working from home which is great because he sure loves to be with people. I just took him in this past week to be neutered (I posted a pic of him, he is getting so big so fast). I have a few people asking about where I got him and they have expressed interest in possibly getting one. I always highly recommend you." – Shannon W. S. (March 2014)
"Phoebe visited my vet at 7:00 am this morning and deemed to be in perfect health. She was tested for intestinal worms and found to be clean... They were very impressed with her coloring... They said she came from a very good breeder and that I am very lucky to have such a beautiful kitten... She is doing phenomenal and had the lay of the house." – Jennifer N. (December 2013)